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Live Streaming Platform

Starting now, you can start monetizing live events

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What can the cloud private live broadcast platform do for you?

Do you want to transform your online live content into paid content? Whether it is to hold online course lectures, online seminars, internal distribution conferences, or you are a musician, you want to hold an online concert or concert.

The service of the private live broadcast platform is definitely your first choice!


Your organization's live video content does not want to be broadcast on public platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, to avoid watching by unrelated people!?

We provide a convenient and easy-to-use online private live broadcast platform that allows your organization to watch live broadcasts for a fee. Moreover, your members do not need to register on our platform or download any app!

Because, as long as a set of virtual ticket numbers, your members can enter the live broadcast room to watch the program content.

After the live broadcast, we provide you with the viewing history of each viewer, so that you can use it as a reference for content planning.


Cloud live event streaming solution

Expand your influence with live events

Service charge

Video Camera

50 virtual tickets



100 virtual tickets



300 virtual tickets


Video Camera

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AAC 320kbps

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