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中國央視春晚節目 首次運用5G VR現場直播

央視春晚與中國聯通、中國電信和華為合作,運用Kandao提供的8K VR直播系統和VR攝像頭,在5G通訊網路下完成VR現場直播。

The most prominent TV show in China, Spring Festival Gala broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV), applied an innovative VR live streaming system over 5G network to make a remarkable audio-visual feast this year. To achieve success of the first VR live broadcasting and enable people to enjoy the Spring Festival Gala in an immersive way, CCTV, in partnership with China Unicom, China Mobile, and tech giant Huawei, applied 8K VR live system and VR camera supplied by Kandao based on the 5G network.

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